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Three-star diver course was designed in a way to provide you with the knowledge of leading the group at every stage of diving.

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Once acquiring a Two * diver certificate, the numerous dives you have made have brought you one step closer to becoming a dive leader. Three * diver training is designed to equip you with the knowledge of how to lead a group at every stage of a dive.

Three * Divers;

  • 3 * divers are skilled and experienced enough to lead other divers of all levels underwater.
  • 3 * divers are responsible for ensuring that the divers they lead are diving following the safety rules.
  • They have obtained the necessary knowledge about underwater rescuing and first aid and can apply it.
  • When on duty, they are authorized to warn those who act illegally concerning diving rules, and prevent them from access to diving when necessary.
  • They are responsible for the safety of the divers they lead.
  • They are allowed to dive to a maximum depth of 30 meters.
  • They are allowed to dive to a maximum depth of 42 meters for training purposes accompanied by a diving instructor.

When candidates fulfill the training requirements they are entitled to receive the CMAS Three * diver by TSSF badge together with an Deep Diver, Navigation, and Rescue Badge.

This course consists of two parts.

Theoretical part

This part is carried out in a classroom environment or online. It consists of eight courses covering small boat operation, navigation, underwater search and rescue, compressor usage, problem management, group diving organization, general physical-physiology overview, and general diving equipment overview.

Open water training

  • A total of five dives are made together with the diving instructor.
  • When candidates fulfill the performance requirements they are entitled to receive the CMAS Three* diver by TSSF badge.
  • With this training, the participants will learn how to use the small boats, and how to organize and assist with group diving. They will gain and improve their deep diving, night diving, and rescue diving skills and they will learn how to use the compressors.

Requirements to attend the course

  • Having no health condition which would prevent you from using the diving equipment,
  • Signing a declaration prepared by the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation is required. This is a statement confirming you are healthy and you do not have health conditions that would prevent you from diving with the equipment,
  • To own a Two * diver certificate or an equivalent certificate approved by the Federation,
  • After acquiring a Two * diver certificate, carrying out at least 50 approved dives and documenting this with the dive log,
  • To successfully complete at least a primary education,
  • Must be at least 18 years old.



Dear candidates, in this basic diving course, you will learn how to dive safely and securely and the importance of loving and protecting the underwater environment.

With this course, you will take your passion for diving to a higher level. You will upgrade your existing diving knowledge with more skills.

There are many specialty programs available at every certificate level for those divers who are looking to expand their underwater experience.

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